Spherific printing parameters



In our v1.0 machine we have developped a 1-axis printer with single-axis movement and syringe depositing liquid, that are both controlled by the Arduino code. We then introduced grasshopper for generation of inputs to the system which assis us to deisng from simplex geometries as well as validating the printing results.


In our v2.0 machine we have identified the variables in a the parametric model versus the variables of a printed object elapse with time. However the current model is a top-down method by analysng a modelled object in order to generate language for prints. We are developing better lofics to the system. Ideally, the behavioral outcomes of the material ‘print’ e.g. bouyancy of printed objeccts in water, can act as a feedback input to the parametric model so that an intelligent system could be developped.

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