The Future of Suburbs – analysis (1)

Suburbs can be divided into three distinct areas: Green Pockets, Roads/Infrastructure, and Built Residential.

Ideas to pursue:

- Green pockets currently divided up into small private backyards will be joined and converted into communal green pockets that will serve as public recreational parks and, where possible, local farm land where some of the food for the community will be grown.

- Roads/infrastructure area currently takes up too much space of the site. Bike paths will be created in some of the smaller roads, contributing to the overall green area. Public transit (trains) systems will be implemented on the major roads, operating mostly to and from the Downtown and the areas of suburbs that are even further away

- Built residential area will highly densified, with the idea of keeping as much as possible of the existing structure, from an environmental point of view (construction uses up a lot of energy), an economical perspective ( demolishing costs money already), and a historical mind set (it will stimulate a local identity and remind the population of their past, while at the same time creating a new, unique typology)

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