The Future of Suburbs – analysis (2)

This project asks to design a system for a city for 10,000 people in 30 hectares. Even though we are not dealing with a specific site, there is a relationship that is established between the proposed site, the existing Downtown and the country. The goal of 10,000 people will be met within the specified area, but the project will unequivocally address questions that deal with relationships that happen outside of the specified area of the site.

Horizontal relationships:

Vertical relationships:

- All buildings will be on pilotis in order to lift the new construction above the existing houses so that they can become stores, museums, offices and government buildings.

- Public gardens will be sandwiched between the new residences and will be of two kids: open and closed to the environment (depending on the specific climate conditions). In both cases they will act as interior courtyards, letting in Sun light throughout the year. They will extend vertically becoming green walls.

- The new residences will be located on top of the pilotis. Each apartment will have a view to an interior garden.

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