MAA Research Trips: Digital Fabrication in Zurich, Masdar City, Macau

(RS3 Checking in outside ETH, the group on foam furniture fabricated by robots)

Students in the Masters in Advanced Architecture Program are split into three Research Studios (RS1: Emergent Territories, RS2: Self Sufficient Buildings, RS3 Digital Tectonics). This week each will be exploring a different part of the world. Each trip is related to the focus of each Research and Development Studio.

RS 1:Emergent Territories is in Hong Kong and after a walking tour of the city yesterday they headed by boat to Macau. Tomorrow they will be visit Hong Kong University for a tour of the campus.

(RS1 Checking in from Flower Market Road, Mong Kok, Hong Kong)

RS2: Self Sufficient Buildings made their trip to Masdar City today. Tomorrow they will tour Ferrari World and the Yas Marina F1 Circuit. (RS2 at Masdar City- IAAC Tweet: “Chris Wan, Masdar City director explaining different strategies of energy generation”)

RS3: Digital Tectonics is currently traveling by bus through Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. They concluded their first day of visits in Zurich at EPFL also included a visit to ETH Zurich Digital Fabrication Lab and a presentation at Design to Production by Fabian Scheurer about use of parametric tools for production of non-standard buildings. Tomorrow they will arrive in Munich and will visit Museum Pinakothek der Moderne, the Olympic Stadium, and BMW World.

(RS3 at EPFL- IAAC Tweet: “RS3 studio visited EPFL Mobile Robotics Group, received by senior researcher Dr. Francesco Mondada”)

IAAC Everywhere:

Staff members from each Research Studio group are chronicling their travels on Twitter.  You can also follow all of IAAC’s stops around the world on Foursquare.

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