MAA Research Trips: Following the MAA Curriculum Around the World

(RS2 Self Sufficient Buildings: Students discuss sustainable urban planning in Masdar City)

Students in the Masters in Advanced Architecture Program are split into three Research Studios (RS1: Emergent Territories, RS2: Self Sufficient Buildings, RS3 Digital Tectonics). This week each will be exploring a different part of the world.

As we have mentioned, each trip is related to the focus of each Research and Development Studio. Their goal is to discover advanced architecture in action around the world and apply and expand upon these ideas in their work when they return for the final Phase of their Masters program. In this post you will see a few of the things a couple of the Studios have seen in their travels that relate to their MAA curriculum at IAAC.

(RS1 Self Sufficient Buildings- Electric cars in Masdar City)

(RS3 Digital Tectonics- The longest 5axis CNC machine, used to fabricate free-form timber structures at Blumer-Lehmann in Erlenhof)

(RS2 Self Sufficient Buildings: Masdar Library by Norman Foster, created from low carbon materials)

(Video from Research Studio 1: Emergent Territories at the Hong Kong Housing Authority. Urban interactive.)

IAAC Everywhere:

Staff members from each Research Studio group are chronicling their travels on Twitter.  You can also follow all of IAAC’s stops around the world on Foursquare.

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