Regenerar Barcelona: The Xavier Trias project for the city

(Above- Xavier Trias, candidate for Mayor of Barcelona, introducing the plan to Regenerate Barcelona)

Earlier today, IAAC hosted a collaborative event with Xavier Trias, candidate for Mayor of Barcelona. IAAC Director, Vicente Guallart presented a plan Regenerate Barcelona and to make it a world leader in energy efficiency. The plan presented today explored how to humanize urbanization while facing the challenge of regenerating the city that is already built into a smart, efficient city.

(Above- IAAC Director Vicente Guallart presenting the plan to Regenerate Barcelona)

(Above- Xavier Trias addressing the press in attendance)

(Above- Members of the press and the IAAC Community in attendance for the presentation)

(Above- from left to right- IAAC Director, Vicente Guallart, mayoral candidate, Xavier Trias, IAAC MAA Co-Director Willy Müller, and Member of the IAAC Board of Directors,  Antoni Vives)

(Above- IAAC Director Vicente Guallart and IAAC MAA Co-Director Willy Müller showing guests the 1:2000 Model of Barcelona created by Fab Lab BCN.)

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