Smart Geometry 2011

IAAC community at SG 2011. Foto: Nicholas Waissbluth

Smart Geometry workshops and conference finished with a talkshop and symposium, right after 4 days of intensive sessions on different workshops based on the subject: Building the Invisible.

Talkshop was an opportunity to open debates, pose questions, challenge orthodoxies, and propose new ideas regarding the use, production and sharing of data into the architectural world. The Symposium has been a unique opportunity to hear insights into the challenges ahead for the discipline. Some of the speakers: Ben van Berkel (UN Studio), Usman Haque (Haque Design + Research), Billie Faircloth (KieranTimberlake), Craig Schwitter (Buro Happold + Adaptive Building Initiative), Lisa Amini (IBM Smarter Cities Lab), and Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen (CITA).

IAAC was represented by alumni: Felipe Pecegueiro (EMBT), Luis Fraguada (LAN), Tomas Diez (Fab Lab Bcn), Nicholas Waissbluth, Joao Albuquerque (BIG), Tomasz Jaskiewicz, Kristof Gornici (Foster and Partners), and current students: Morten Bulow (Urban Feeds CITA affiliate), and Andrea Debilio.

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