Emergent Territories Research Studio- 2nd Term Final Presentation

Students of the 2010/2011 Master in Advanced Architecture Emergent Territories Studio had their final presentations on Friday April 1.

In Phase II of the MAA program students attend one of three Research Studios: Self-Sufficient Buildings, Digital Tectonics or Emergent Territories. The Phase II final presentations for the Self Sufficient Buildings and Digital Tectonics Research Studios were held on separate days.

This Studio is run by Willy Müller, MAA Co-Director, assisted by Maite Bravo. For the final presentations, IAAC welcomed a guest jury: Antoni Brey (URBIOTICA), Miguel Roldán (R+B Arcquitectura), Antonio Sanmartín de Azcón (aSZ Aquitectes), and Andreu Ulied (MCRIT).

About the Emergent Territories Research Studio:

Students explore countries and cities around the world with emerging economies and cultures that can contribute to the planet as whole. Emergent territories has to do with the creation of intelligent territories that function in a multiscalar way, in order that the relationship between natures, networks and nodes can foment the ‘emergence’ of an urban intelligence. This studio also focuses on Barcelona as a site for ongoing urban experimentation with a view to contribute to the discussions and reflections in relation to the urban progress of the city.

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