MAA 2011-12 started yesterday the final week of the Master with the presentations of Emergent Territories studio,  tutored by Willy Müller and Maite Bravo.

Exploring the Port of Barcelona and the ways that an already constructed city could adapt to new realities, offering at the same time to the citizens a flexible and responsive to their needs environment, the students developed distinctive strategies  realized in innovative architectural proposals. More specifically, the students of this research line explored the potential of new technologies and real time data information in the scale of the city working in different layers of city functions. Digital presentations  and  Interactive models demonstrations were part of the reviews.

The jury consisted of:

Jordi Mansilla-Ortoneda (Ortoneda-Risse Architects)

Antonio San Martin (ASZARQUITECTES -Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona)

Adrian Luchini (Luchini AD Architects, Saint Luis USA )

Lluís Viu Rebés (Max de Cusa Architects, IAAC MAAO2)

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