Roundtable Tribute to Yona Friedman with Dennis Crompton, Ricardo Bofill and Willy Müller at IAAC

To mark the closure of the Master in Advanced Architecture 2011-2012, IAAC organized a roundtable of experts and projected Yona Friedman´s interview by Willy Müller and Marta Malé-Alemany at his studio in Paris. After the screening of the interview containing the statements and views of one of the most influential theorists of architecture and urban planning.

Dennis Crompton, one of the world famous “Rock stars” of Architecture (Co- founder of Archigram) , Ricardo Boffil, one of the most important Catalan Architects and the CEO of Barcelona Regional Willy Müller formed the debate panel sharing ideas an thoughts coming from historical social moments and reaching the today´s political and social scenery. Ideas for people, ideas for the user, how we architects should create the environment that would generate the playground the citizen will need to enjoy life.

The history of architecture certainly reflects many social/political changes and this gives power to Architecture to become a source of knowledge, provide strong interpretation skills and cultural understanding of previous but as well present societies as they are formatted in different continents and in different countries. Maybe it takes one that knows about the past to reach the future.  Through the closing event and the speeches of the invited participants the audience could get information on how architects evolve inside a certain social political  environment and how at the same time they share universal ideas through their projects.

Some words of Yona Friedman as he expressed them in the IAAC interview:

¨Get back to the user¨

¨… everything is possible … but this doesn’t mean that everything is desired by the user.¨

¨ The important person is the inhabitant and the decision essentially is not technical. It is the political decision that’s lacking. And that’s difficult.¨

Let’s think on the above….

Renowned architects such as Vicente Guallart, Carles Llop, Josep Miàs, Felip Pich-Aguilera, Pere Riera, Miguel Roldán, Antonio Sanmartín, Antoni Casamor, Mariona Benaín, Jaime Coll, Arturo Frediani, Beth Galí, Joan Forgas, Jordi Garcés, Octavi Mestre, Anna Pla Català, Maria Rubert de Ventós, Manuel Ruisanchez, Félix Arranz, Daniela Hartmann, Alfons Soldevilla, Emili Donato among others, representatives of local and international schools as well as international press attended the event.

With this act, the IAAC closes the Master in Advanced Architecture.

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