OTF Collaborative Industries’ Presentations /Visits

As part of the Open Thesis Fabrication program, the collaborative industries presented to the students their projects as well as the research that they are developing.

The OTF Program is a unique research program, developed as a non-profit partnership between IAAC and a series of well-established industrial partners and companies. The objective of this collaboration is to offer participants the possibility to engage in a semi-professional environment, and develop a project with the support and expertise of individuals and institutions that are commercially involved in their field of research. In that manner, it provides a potential jumping platform into future professional opportunities, while offering companies a fresh R&D environment where to propose new design challenges and applications.

The last days the Open Thesis Fabrication students followed the presentations of some of the collaborative industries, where they explained their projects as well as the research that they are developing.

Presentation of Cricursa was made by Joan Tarrus, Oscar Perez made  a presentation about KUKA Industries, and Patxi Ruben  represented Imar Industries

OTF students had the chance to visit the installations of Fupicsa and had a tour by Mr. David Rifa. Mr. David Rifa explained  the manufacturing process  that Fupicsa follows for structures and panels, as they are  produced in their facilities. Towards a more narrative and connected with the design and manufacturing processes, the explanation was based on the specific components, as they are  currently being manufactured for the facades of a hospital in Orleans (France):

- From design to the actual manufacture with an specific software,

- Play data, measurements, tolerances, cranes, transport, and field constraints placing.

- The raw material and the different woods, the storage form .

- Structural types and construction techniques more common.

- Manufacturing process with CNC machines. Running and producing substructure for the facades.

- Manufacture of wooden prefabricated facades for the hospital, their functions, implements, tools, etc..

- Quality control criteria: metric, finishes, overlaps, insulation, thermal bridges.

The visit ended  inside the offices of Fupicsa, over a talk that was focusing on the space for innovation in the field of wood,ecology and light systems, through videos, questions, and sample-size components market, focusing on the basis for collaboration between Fupicsa and the OTF IAAC students’ .

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