Q Valldaura Workshop Land 2012

In recent years, IAAC has developed different workshops in the natural environment in order to experience the relationship between architecture and nature.

Can Valldaura will become IAAC’s second campus and is located in Collserola Park, the centre of the metropolitan area. The second campus will be a large park for innovation that will feature the latest technologies in digital manufacturing.
Innovative activities, educational programmes and experiments related to green architecture, nature, sustainability and energy will be held in Valldaura.

Q Valldaura Workshop Land is a series of workshops with different actions that can be developed in the countryside, including learning :  the manufacturing process of wood, from felling a tree, to the use of wood in digital manufacturing or contribution to the creation of an ecosystem with the construction of home for birds, rabbits …

The first session of the workshop was mainly focused over the subject:
From matter to product: tree/prune/wood/drying/chair

The tutors of this programme are : Josep Lascurain, Gerard Passola, Vicente Guallart and Nuria Díaz

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