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IaaC Lecture Series 20015/16 > OPENING LECTURE – Greg Lynn > Monday October 5th

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MAA Pre-course 2015/16 > Fabrication in Valldaura

Today was the last day of the MAA Pre-course 2015/16, held in the Green Fab Lab in Valldaura. The students had the opportunity to visit IAAC’s Forest Campus, Valldaura Labs is a testing ground allowing to learn directly from nature in order to apply this understanding to the regeneration of XXIst century cities. The students built [...]

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Today OTF Researchers had a visit of TallFusta, wood manufacturing for architecture and roof structures, and Serrodora Boix Company, biggest sawing industry of wood in Catalonia, processing logs and making palets.  

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OTF2015 // Visit to CRICURSA

Today the IaaC OTF Researchers had a visit of CRICURSA Company with Joan Tarrus, Marketing director of Cricursa. CRICURSA Company was founded in 1928 with the intention of bringing form, material and processing into high technology glass bending, in order to explore the possibilities of bent glass as a decorative element. After more than 8o years of [...]

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OTF2015 // Visit to Ceramica Cumella

Today the OTF 6.0 Researchers had a robotic training with Toni Cumella and Alexandre Dubor at Ceràmica Cumella. OTF group was working on customization of the Cumella´s ceramic tiles and blocks using ABB robot. Ceràmica Cumella The family workshop CERÀMICA CUMELLA, founded in 1880 in Granollers (Barcelona), originally devoted to the manufacturing of traditional ceramics [...]

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OTF2015 // visit to Merefsa

Today the OTF2015 researchers visited Merefsa > meet your silicone, one of the biggest Spanish producers of silicone and silicone derivatives. The researchers had the opportunity to discuss potential applications of silicone with the Merefsa CEO and Technical Director, as well as visiting the production factory.

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OTF2015 – IAACbuilds // Kick off meeting

Today OTF2015 started with an Introductory kick off meeting presenting the researchers with the specifics of this year’s project. Students will be exploring and prototyping Robotic Fabrication, Adaptive Skins and Urban Orchards, towards the development of a 1:1 Scale final Prototype. Stay tuned to see the progress in real time.

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