1st IAAC Alumni Meeting // SYMPOSIUM @ IaaC

We held the IaaC Alumni Symposium on Tuesday 23rd of June at IaaC. The Symposium touched 4 topics relative to the post-IaaC professional and academic lives of the Alumni. For topic, 4 Alumni presentations took place in “TED-Talk” format, each session closing with an open discussion. During the presentations, the speakers had the opportunity to explain their work to their fellow IaaC Alumni, as well as to the general public.

In response to the IaaC Alumni | Call for Speakers, IaaC invited 3 Alumni of excellence from around the world to come and share their specific experiences: Hemant Purohit (India, 2008) - session 1 – explained about his architectural and professional practice and the use of traditional technology with advanced design; Monika Wittig (USA, 2007) - session 2 – focused her presentation on research, development and her experience in this field; and Liliana Viveros (Mexico, 2011) - session 4 – discussed competitions and construction, giving an inside look to her own experience at FREE as a project leader.

The Symposium was opened by the founders of IaaC, Manuel Gausa, Vicente Guallart and Willy Müller, and the Directors of IaaC Lucas Capelli, Tomas Diez and Areti Markopoulou.

In the first session, focussed on young architects, new ideas and future projects, Anna Kulik + Giorgio Badalacci (Russia + Colombia, 2012). shared their competion winner project “Muralla de Cartagena” with MOBO Architects; Liv Grete Framgard (Norway, 2012). About Innovation and self-sufficiency in refugee settings, specifically about Za’atari refugee camp, Jordan; and Stuart Maggs (UK, 2013), and his professional working experience in catalan studios, CLOUD 9 and External Reference, also spoke. The second session’s discussion was centered on Research with Gabriel Bello Diaz (USA, 2012) Co-founder of SoDo MakerSpace explains todays “hands-on” architects and STEM school collaborations in Seattle, Oregon; Aldo Sollazo + Chirag Rangholia + Efilena Baseta (Italy + India +Greece, 2013-14) A take on a research and academic knowledge sharing and project development with NOUMENA architecture; and Maite Bravo (Chile, 2008) Was the discussion modulator sharing her wide experience and knowledge of the field of Academic Research, and discussing strategies of its further development with her fellow Alumni.
We then moved on to discussing Non-Scalar Architecture with Drew Carson (USA, 2013) Offered a presentation of his collaboration with VIMOD, studio dedicated to the development of interactive architecture and design; Alessandra Antonetti + Anna Popova (Italy + Russia, 2012) Were focused on 3d printing technology and fashion. On going collaborator of WONDERLUK; Lana Awad (Jordan, 2012) Continued the discussion on 3d printing field focused in prosthetic technology for refugee victims; and Anastasia Pistofidou (Greece, 2010) Presented their vision of non scalar architecture with wearable technology like First Vision and FABtextiles. The final session touched themes of professional experiences with Luis Fraguada (Puerto Rico, 2007) “Calculated Risks” from 3d printed food to big scale projects in Lebanon with his studio BAD; and Miguel Guerrero (Spain, 2011) Architect, builder and maker. Giving his point of view in todays construction environment vs FABmade projects.
Some closing words were given by Mathilde Marengo, whom coordinated the organization of the event, and Rodrigo Aguirre, current IaaC Community Manager.
After the Symposium, the discussion continued more informally with some nice cold beers at hand, amidst the IaaC Alumni Exhibition, with projects form the IaaC Alumni | Call for Projects, that will be the basis, along with the Symposium content, for the 1st IaaC Alumni Publication. The meeting proved very fruitful, aside from being an extremely pleasant event, and marks the beginning of a serious commitment both from IaaC, and from the Alumni, to further develop this network and its potentials.
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