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IAAC Research Pylos in 3D Tora Exhibition // Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens


The Pylos Research project, developed by IAAC Fabrication Researcher Sofoklis Giannakopoulos, supervised by Areti Markopoulou, with the Robotic Supervision of Alexandre Dubor, is currently being exhibited in the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens as part of the 3D Printing Exhibition ”An exhibition from the future… now”.

3-D printing, of everything from houses to hearts and pretty much all you can imagine in-between, is the coming revolution. And not only for industry, but culture and creativity too.

In the first major exhibition in Greece dedicated entirely to this amazing technology, more than 100 pieces by luminaries of Art, Architecture, Fashion, Science, and Product design combine to hint at the transformed commercial, public and private spheres of tomorrow. Read More »

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IAAC Green Dictionary Research Project

Today we started the research for the Green Dictionary Project!!!


Ten years after the appearance of the Metapolis Dictionary of Advanced Architecture IAAC boosts The Green Dictionary, an ambitious multi-format project (print and digital) focused on sustainable development issues, energy self-sufficiency , creative management of resources, innovation and interaction with the environment, recycling and urban renaturation, sensitive contexts, intelligent cities, relational spaces, active natures, permaculture and more.
The Green Dictionary will be a collective effort boost by IAAC involving recognized experts, IAAC current students and the big IAAC alumni community, collaborative international research units and new incentives and energies.

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