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Fab Lab House-Construction In Madrid

The FabSolar house under construction in Madrid Team Working through out the night to mount the pieces together FabSolar house in Madrid Few of the last pieces of panels being mounted from IaaC to the truck After travelling all the way from Barcelona (IaaC), to Madrid (Construction site), The FabSolar House is now under construction [...]

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Fab-Solar House Presentation in IaaC

Fab Solar House presentation in IaaC Before attending the Solar Decathlon competition in Madrid, Fab Solar house has been opened to the public on the 4th of june, 2010 at IaaC. The partners and members of the Fab Solar house – Schnieder Electric, Endesa and Visoren amongst others – ,sponsors of the project, politicians and [...]

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Master Project-Theme III

With the idea of producing multiple versions of a single result, students progressed on their projects having to choose their site, create the program and giving it context. Within this realm , they consulted with Jordi Pagès i Ramon and Lluis Viu on how their designs could possibly be adopted, as well as multiplied in [...]

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D-HUB Modules

Working prototypes The various prototypes for the D-HUB exposition www.dhub-bcn.cat are being fabricated at the FabLab cut with 3-axis milling machine. Using Alucobond 5mm, which provides lightness as well as stiffness, these prototypes can be attached to multiple forms of organization providing ample flexibility for the space. After being cut they are then manually folded and [...]

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RSIII. Digital Tectonics (FAB)BOTS – Final Presenations

   The final presentations for the design research studio ended with MAA students presenting their works, to invited guest Mara Balestrini (Communicator / Microsoft),  Borja Martinez(Art Director,www.losiento.net),  Olaf Gipser( Architect,www.olafgipser.com), Jordi Truco(Architect / hybrid-a.blogspot.com), Carme Romero(Research Director www.hangar.org  Jorge Velazquez (Robotic Engineer  www.pal-robotics.com),  Olga Subiros(Architect / www.programcollective.com), Catalina Pollack (Architect), Esteban Colmenares (Architect), Faculty Marta Malé-Alemany , Victor Vina, [...]

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Designing with Passive Solar Gain

This assignment examines the design with Ecotect utilizing thermal and natural ventilation strategies for a small size fitness centre located in the city of Wellington, New Zealand. Wellington is located next to Cook Strait, which forms a narrow gap between the mountain ranges of the North and South Islands of New Zealand resulting the wind accelerate [...]

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Internet 0

Students with faculty Victor Viña have been working on their projects for Internet 0. Their modules are now on one to one scale and ready for trial. They are now working on each prototype – electronics, installation ,programming and also development of the concept idea are involved. These will also be applied in various architectural [...]

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