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Master Project Theme I: Eco-Machinic Apparatus

The Eco-Machinic Apparatus for each student is developing. With Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto from ecologicstudio as tutors students had been showing their development in research of their specific apparatus. Branching mechanisms, creating forms out of melted wax, recycling materials, and lots of other different systems where one can read and interpret different situations based on [...]

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Master Project Theme III-Multiple Results

Students are experimenting on how to proceed with their projects, they are in the current stage where they are proposing their design ideas and also the possibilities which might emerge from these. Jordi Pagès i Ramon and Lluis Viu helped students to develop and fulfill their projects through different approaches. Students should go to digital [...]

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IAAC Lecture Series_June 4th < Toni Kotnik

“Structure as Diagram: From Typology to Topology in Structural Design” Toni Kotnik Principal of Kotnik.architects Toni Kotnik Toni Kotnik studied architecture and mathematics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, the University of Tübingen, and the University of Utah and received his doctoral degree from the University of Zurich. He was research fellow [...]

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Relational Masterplan

Studio: Emergent Territories. Project: Neigbourhood Renovation, Mumbai. Scripting goal: Find the optimal heights for footprints in order to accomodate XX number of people given by density studies. Ideal solution to link Excel sheet to Rhinoscript, in order to have a changing landscape according to numeric inputs representing people, height limitations, available area and floor space index [...]

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Research Studio I – Emergent Territories Final presentations

With the model of the projects they have worked upon, students presented their proposal for Mumbai to invited guests Trilochan Chhaya( Dean of  BSSA, Mumbai) ,  Ethel Baraona Pohl (Editor), Marc García Duran ( Working with Ferrer Foundation, India & Housing Projects in Barcelona),  François Guisan  (Environment Engineer for Sustainability), Faculty Luis Falcon and Hemant Purohit and to their fellow [...]

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RSIII. Digital Tectonics (FAB)BOTS – Final Presenations

   The final presentations for the design research studio ended with MAA students presenting their works, to invited guest Mara Balestrini (Communicator / Microsoft),  Borja Martinez(Art Director,www.losiento.net),  Olaf Gipser( Architect,www.olafgipser.com), Jordi Truco(Architect / hybrid-a.blogspot.com), Carme Romero(Research Director www.hangar.org  Jorge Velazquez (Robotic Engineer  www.pal-robotics.com),  Olga Subiros(Architect / www.programcollective.com), Catalina Pollack (Architect), Esteban Colmenares (Architect), Faculty Marta Malé-Alemany , Victor Vina, [...]

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Operational Landscape: Mumbai "slum" Renovation

Urban scale and it´s complexities TEAM: Moises Gamus, Michael Harrison.  FACULTY: Luis Falcon, Hemant Purohit Research on the reorganization of flows and forces that give shape to a city. Starting point: THE VOID (i.e. public space). Finding optimal walking distances between main public spaces (250 mts), a network of movility and interaction mingles through the [...]

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