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Final Presentations- Digital Tectonics Studio (Fab Bots 2.0)

The Digital Tectonics Studio 2010/11, led by Marta Malé-Alemany, came to its end today with final presentations by the MAA Students. The jury panel included outside guests: Branko Kolarevic and Vera Parlac from the Laboratory for Integrative Design at the University of Calgary; Matias del Campo and Sandra Manninger from Span Architecture; Valerie Bergeron from [...]

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Digital Tectonics Studio Project – Catenary with Crystals

MAA Students: Gamze Gunduz (Turkey) , Virat Kumar (India), Diego López Ibarra (Mexico) Studio: Digital Tectonics Studio Instructor: Marta Malé-Alemany, MAA Co-Director Project: Catenary with Crystals Student Summary: The aim of the project is to exceed the catenary principle, the ideal form of architecture, with the help of bouyancy and flexibility of threads while using [...]

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Self Sufficient Buildings Studio Project- Algae Farm Block

MAA Student: Maria Marghariti (Greece) Research Studio: Self- Sufficient Buildings Studio Instructor: Vicente Guallart, IAAC Director, and Javier Peña Project: Algae Farm Block Student’s Summary: Basic element of the project is the algae and its cultivation, that consists a powerful source of energy, an effective water cleaning system and captures great amounts of CO2 (essential [...]

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