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Investigación Viajes MAA2013 / 14 // Emergentes Territorios en LA

This week the Research Studios are all off on Research Trips around the world. Emergent Territories is in L.A. this week, with the objective of discovering the opportunities of a territory in a context of unprecedented urban growth with high density and congestion. Visiting one of the most iconic cities worldwide, and located along the coastline of California, Los Angeles is [...]

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Digital Materia Estudio – Taller de presentación final al CITA Copenhague

The workshop held at CITA last week, investigating the potential to build a canopy between the two workshop spaces at KADK proposing a structure covering a courtyard used for open-air material experiments, concluded with the final presentation of the prototype developed. To end the trip to Copenhagen on a lighter and more touristic note, the [...]

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Digital Materia Studio – Investigación de viaje a Copenhague

The students and Tutors of the Digital Matters Research Studio have gone to Copenhagen to partake in a Workshop organised in collaboration CITA from the 3rd to the 7th of March. The professors and tutors leading the 4 groups of students, both from CITA and IaaC, are: Prof. Christoph Gengnagel (UDK), Julien Nembrini (UDK), Mette Ramsgard Thomsen [...]

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IaaC Emergent Territories Studio students presenting their projects at Sci Arc during the research trip to Los Angeles, California, with IAAC faculty Willy Muller, Areti Markopoulou, Lucas Cappelli, and Maite Bravo. The jury was composed of Sciarc Faculty, who provided valuable feedback for each of the studio projects developed during Term 2 at the Master [...]

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Group visit to Walden 7, RS1

The MAA Students of the Emergent Territories studio explored Walden 7 accompanied by Willy Muller and Maite Bravo. Signed by Ricardo Bofill and located in the west side of Barcelona, Walden 7  is an urban scale experiment of the seventies, a masterpiece of apartment blocks in Spain. Before the visit at  Walden 7 the group had the [...]

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ArboReal house Workshop at Collserola Park

Three Phases have ended in the MAA program, This week students have gone back to work on their first introductory design course – ArboReal House Design – this time they do their tree house in a one to one scale. The Design course required students to study a tree, its functions and geometries to create [...]

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Barbeque at Valldaura

After a four day workshop designing and fabricating parts of the Solar house participants (project directors, researchers, Fab Labbers and students)  of the seminar were off to Collserola Park – Cerdanyoa de Valles- where the House of Can Vallaura is located. Here is a place where experimentations like green architecture, nature, sustainability, energy and social activitis such as Green Fab [...]

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