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PRACTISE FABRICATION // Brick Works Thin-Tile Vault Seminar // BOVEDA

IaaC, in collaboration with Map13 Architects: Marta Domenech, David Lopez, Mariana Palumbo, and BLOCK Research Group, ETH Zurich, have finalized the Parametrized Catalan Vault, fruit of a 2 week-long workshop where a team of 27 Students designed and constructed a thin-tile vault in our forest campus in Valldaura.

Advanced digital tools along with traditional century-old Catalan masonry techniques will be deployed in the process, with students seeking to re-engineer, compute, and eventually construct a Vault in the forest.

IaaC is also furthering this research investigating in the field of advanced robotic fabrication techniques towards the implementation and automization of these complex catalan vault forms.

Special thanks to Areti Markopoulou, Lucas Cappelli and Ioan Pribagu for the final outcome!

Photos by: Filippo Poli

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Taller – Estructuras Experimentales

This weekend the Experimental Structures Seminar participated in a workshop with Manja Van de Worp, Silvia Brandi and Alexandre Dubor.

The workshop was centred around the development of a stair system, through both the creation of a physical model, as well as the generation of a virtual model using Karamba for virtual structural testing. Once generated the virtual model the students then re-elaborated the design of the stair thanks to the new data gained through the generative model with regards to the structural behaviour of the design.

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Digital Materia Estudio – Taller de presentación final al CITA Copenhague

The workshop held at CITA last week, investigating the potential to build a canopy between the two workshop spaces at KADK proposing a structure covering a courtyard used for open-air material experiments, concluded with the final presentation of the prototype developed.

To end the trip to Copenhagen on a lighter and more touristic note, the Students and tutors then had the pleasure of visiting BIG.

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Digital Materia Estudio – Taller en el desarrollo CITA Copenhague

The Digital Matter Studio Students and Tutors continue their experience in Copenhagen:

The Students are continuing to develop their research and prototypes in the workshop studying the ways of creating tensioned membranes with disconnected bending active elements, stabilising non-elastic membranes locally (for example with the configuration of three linear elements placed in a reciprocal configuration).

Within the workshop a series of questions are being discussed and developed among which: the setup of bending active elements; patterns towards the creation of membranes with local active bending tensioning (regular, irregular, self-organising); topology of skin, single, double, splitting skin; the computation of bending active and tensioned skin; modelling of interdependent models for skin and bending active elements; as well as tools for 3d modelling and pattern cutting of membranes.

The CITA tutors Mette Ramsgaard Thompsen and David Stasiuk also gave a presentation on the evolution of the works produced during the Workshop held in IaaC, by David Stasiuk – digitalization of the physical models for the self parametrization -, Henrik Leander Evers – 3D scanning expert -, as well as the RS3 studio directors: Areti Markopoulou with Mette Ramsgaard Thompsen – CITA – and tutor Alexandre Dubor, and developed with the Digital Matter Studio students, earlier this year. The evolution presented included new generative algorithms to be added in the different stages of the design process, allowing to enhance the self-learning systems, as well as generating an optimisation criteria towards the final development of the 1:1 prototype. Said prototype is to be produced in CITA during an exhibition to be held in 2 weeks from now.

After the Presentation, the Students then presented the work they have developed so far in a Mid-Workshop Presentation, gaining some useful feedback towards the further development of these projects, and finally the 1:1 Prototype.

The Students and Tutors from IaaC also had the possibility to visit the 3XN /GXN, including a visit to the DAC (Danish Center of Architects).

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Taller con Ronen Kadushin: Tu Diseño – Tu Camino


An amazing workshop was held this weekend at IAAC with the designer Ronen Kadushin about Open Design:

“As makers convincingly push on to become a cultural movement, they create a new breed of products that is free from traditional product design discipline, and the need to be perfect. These products are an authentic expression of the person or collaboration that created them, and with the practice of openness, successful products are quickly copied and modified. But to reach bigger audiences and have an impact on the way products come into the world, a maker has to consider the aesthetic qualities of hers or his creation, and the manner and content that is communicated through it. This workshop aimed to elaborate authentic expression by introducing a design process based on storytelling. A guided storytelling design process sets a creative environment for generating ideas and concepts, understanding their potential, and developing them into objects that reflect your character and unique way of expression. The workshop was a learning experience where the participants, their qualities, skills, creativity and energy were the focus.”
Ronen Kadushin – Open Design

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