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Our tower has finally been erected!

Our series of crosses stacked up on top of each other are successfully interlocking through a series of bending profiles and locking joints. From the beginning of the design process we placed a heavy emphasis on maximising our material sheets, whilst minimising cut times and wasted material. We tested many locking configurations with respect to cut sizes, experimentation with bending, and identifying stable forces. As each cross interlocks with the cross below it, two side of each face bend in opposite directions to accommodate for the insertion of the flat piece slits cut into it. We started at a width of 19cm at the bottom, and tapered the structure up to 8cm at the top. The connection to the base was solved by creating an orthogonal grid which allows the cross to anchor into securely. The structure reaches a total height of 3.35 metres!

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Renata de Castro Lotto – Ramin Shambayati – Richard Aoun

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