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The primary goal was to design a kinetic structure that is supported by crossing elements of the same material to each other. This ultimately created a self supported free standing structure with the help of crossing components.

We created several axes by grouping rods together to make the flexible components more durable. To achieve a durable structure that would support itself, we used two three-pieced rods and one four-piece rod. We joined all of these elements with by designing 3d printed joints.

There is a one-hole joint, three-hole joint and a four hole joint. Using the laser cutter helped us attach the joints to the board precisely.


1st geometrical moment


2nd geometrical moment

DSC_0061 _DSC0047


.gif picture showing the movement of the structure (press on it)


Group 13

Asif Rahman

Sinem Samanci

Irina Shaklova

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