IMG_4678IMG_6291IMG_6296IMG_7544IMG_7555After having attempted few different ways of build it, we found out the best qualities of the plywood in this dimension and this thickness. The right qualities to go for the main goal of the term, as high as possible. Because of this, and so where dimensions have a big value, the first thing to look for was the stability by interlocking , in order not to permit any movement to the structure; indeed it has such a compact shape that you can even lie it horizontally without any movement. We reach this point, as said, focusing on the force to pressure that a wood can have if placed vertically, strong like a stone, but at the same time the minimum of electromotive force, in fact used in small pieces, to give it extreme stability and not to be too stressed to break. Connecting with these use of materials we though the puzzle joints as another flexible part to help and exploit the wood’s tension.

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