The Whirling Dervish

digi fab ex-2 blog post

The aim of this exercise was to create a kinetic structure with rotational movement with minimal number of 3d printed joints. It is a free standing structure made up of 20 2mm fiberglass rods, through two 3D printed perforated rings of dia..
The form resembles a conical cylinder which when rotated at different angles form different shapes. The form can also be on par with a whirling dervish which dances and rotates to is own tunes so as the structure which rotates, twists and turns to its is a portable structure and facilitates movement in x and y direction independent of the board it is fixed to. The bending properties of the fiber rod is utilized to the maximum resulting in various twists and is fixed to the board by laser cutting the board in the shape of the perforated ring.



The 3d printed ring has holes on the top in the shape of a flower and also holes on the sides at 30/60 degree which facilitates the angular twists and movements. The entire structure is centrally supported by vertical rods which helps the form to collapse. The end result of collapsing/bending is a floral pattern symbolizing a flower. The structure can be pushed and twisted to the extreme resulting in various complex shapes. The structure works of the simple mechanism of pushing and twisting.


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