Wax Cavity Structures

Team Members: Antigoni Anna Anastasopoulou, Larisa Melnikova, Ushma Nichani, Andreana Papantoniou

The technology represents a process of interaction between ice and wax. The energy exchange between the two materials results the appearance of a new quality. Ice is melting, while wax is getting solid acquiring the shape of the ice.

The insert of the experiments was to be able to make wax structures of organic forms with the help of a support material that could later be extracted to return only the simple wax structures formed. For this purpose, we used ice as ice cylinders and icecles to test how wax would harden around these. The advantage of using ice as a support material is that not only does it quickly harden the wax but also, it melts naturally at room temperature and flows out to reveal the emergent wax formations.

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Paper Composites

By including a variety of foreign elements and substances into the paper pulp during the paper making process, the properties of the obtained paper can be altered.In this way, the texture, colour and surface properties of the paper elements can be enhanced. In addition, by letting the paper element dry on a mould, the 3dimensional shape of the paper unit can be influenced.

For the red fibreglass paper both paint and fiberglass elements were added to the pulp. In this way both the colour as also the texture of the paper element were altered. The fiberglass elements that were included during the pouring and the pressing of the paper are multidirectional Their irregular appearance on the surface lend a playful aesthetic to the paper, while their elastic properties enhance the elasticity of the whole paper element.

The plastic mesh sample combines the inclusion of a plastic mesh in addition to the combination of variously colour pulp. The irregularly filled out sample boasts a textural variety due to it´s various inclusions which brings a surprising aesthetics. The colouring of paper samples has been brought to the next level with this combination of differently coloured pulp. Also,the irregularly filled up sample demonstrates how this technique can allow the included materials to become more dominant within the sample, appearing uncovered by the pulp.

A metal mesh was included in the metal paper sample. By pinning a sheet of metal mesh to the paper pressing board during the pouring and pressing of the paper, this metal was covered by the paper pulp, although it remained visible beneath it. In this way the metal mesh provided a pattern, which dominates the paper sample visually. The strength and ductility of the metal furthermore enhance this paper´s physical properties.

The thread paper sample was achieved by carefully placing cotton thread in the paper pulp during the pouring of the pulp.This technic of inclusion allows for great precision, making this the perfect inclusion if a highly controlled aesthetics is needed.The delicate cotton threads enhance the visual characteristics of the paper sample as well as adding a traditional texture to the sample.

Team : Diana Nitreanu , Mehran Haghbin, Carolina Libardi, Carolina Miro

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Paper Plastic Reinforced Brick—-PPCB & PPCBi

Description_ About 350 million Plastic bottles are
dumped in the garbage cans all over the world in a
single Day.
Plastic and Plastic bottles are one of the major portions
of the amount of urban waste and consumes
high amount of energy to re-use by the process of
Another such material is paper. Every person in an
urban area consumes and throws 500 pounds of
paper each year.
Paper is another substantial element in urban
The PPCB and PPCBi are made using the plastic
bottles by only altering their physical forms using
minimal energy consuming methods such as cutting
rather than melting.
Paper is made into a pulp and used in the bricks
upto 60% of the total ingredients and hence the
resulting brick is light weight and sturdy due to the
fibrous nature of paper.
The Paper is bound by cement and plastic strings.In
the PPCBi the circular cross sections of the bottles
are used to allow light and air ventilation in the
enclosed space.

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material systems final assignment // “fibrous”

team members : Nasim, Reneta, Liliana, Duygu


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Experiment made out of Rubber molded in lasercutted with grasshopper definition Plexiglass that brings out a whole new kind of material system, by taking full advantage of the material’s properties.


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