The Future of Suburbs – partI

Far removed from the original concept of the “Garden City”, suburban sprawl has expanded at an exponential speed surrounding the core of modern cities. Garden Cities were, in theory, largely self-contained, yet present-day suburbs are essentially dormitory, being mainly residential. The richness that was longed for in the Garden City, combining the best of the town and the country, lost the natural beauty of the country and the high density benefits of the town when it was monotonously mass-produced at an unthinkable scale.
This project aims to reconsider the present state of modern suburbs, understanding the history behind their current general typology, in order to completely rethink their built form, by extracting the original design goals and interconnecting them to present-day design questions in order to generate the future self-sufficient habitat, which looks into the future and responds to the needs of today.
One of my main concerns is that a design for the system of the future city should not assume an empty, unbuilt site. Most of the energy wasted today comes from buildings and cities not performing properly. This project is an opportunity to re-invent the way we live in, in a way that learns from our mistakes and aims to fix them.

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