MAA Spring Lecture : Interfaces for design- by Panagiotis Michalatos

¨Interfaces are changing your intuitive understanding…¨ as Panagiotis explained in his lecture yesterday at IAAC. Originally from Athens Greece with the last 7 years leaving abroad, from Sweden to London and from London to USA and Boston, Panagiotis Michalatos is exploring the potential of software  interfaces that will optimize the design and structural possibilities while will open a much more communicative path between architects and their clients. Panagiotis presented several projects that he have worked on as well as the interfaces that he has developed while he was working in AKT II and after.

Panagiotis Michalatos is an architect and lecturer in architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of design. He has worked for London based structural engineering consultancy firm AKT in the development of many high profile projects. His research together with Sawako Kaijima at AKT has focused on the integration of structural and material information in the design process through the development of integrated computational solutions and software. He also works in the field of media arts especially in collaboration with Stockholm based dance company CCAP. His teaching at the GSD [numerical descriptions, optimizations and quantitative aesthetics] explores the various facets of computational methods in design beyond geometry generation.

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