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This evening we had the pleasure of partaking in the Lecture on behalf of Neil Leach, as part of the IAAC Fall Lecture Series 2013. During the Lecture entitled Adaptation a series of topics were touched around the following concepts: within contemporary architecture design a significant shift in emphasis can be detected – a move [...]

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OTF – Review

This evening the OTF Researchers reviewed their project elaborations and prototypes, insode the research lines of Intelligent Building Constructions and Smart Urban Elements. Advisors of both research lines were present, consisting in Areti Markopoulou, Marc Viader, Silvia Brandi, Victor Iribas and Luis Fraguada, as well as Breinco Executive Director Joan Balagué, and IAAC Faculty Alexandre [...]

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Rapid prototyping, or more commonly called 3d printing, is a technique which relies on the addition of material, an additive process, which contrasts with the technology used in the other two assignments, the laser cutter and the milling, which are based on subtractive techniques. As a consequence, this technology has the potential to be waste [...]

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RICHARD BLYTHE LECTURE – The Ticklish Subject of Architecture

Tonight we had the pleasure of hosting Richard Blythe as part of the IAAC Fall Lecture Series. The Dean of RMIT started his discourse on the Ticklish Subject of Architecture with a series of images of typical Australian architecture, or “monuments”, that is the Bigs: the Big Banana, the Big Merino, the Big Earth Worm…etc [...]

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“Creating participatory lighting prototypes” Workshop

Beforelight and IAAC held the “Creating participatory lighting prototypes” Workshop, within the European-funded project Urban Lightscapes, this weekend. Urban Lightscapes is a European Project focused on the multifaceted study of urban lighting, through an interdisciplinary platform that involves artists, designers and citizens, with utter goal to promote open dialogue and residents’ active participation. Involving three [...]

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Thursday 28th of November: NEIL LEACH – ADAPTATION

  Thursday 28th of November 2013 Neil Leach Lecture: Adaptation @ 19.30, IAAC Auditorium Open to the Public NEIL LEACH Neil Leach is a Professor at the University of Southern California. He has also taught at the Architectural Association, Columbia GSAPP, Cornell University, Dessau Institute of Architecture and SCI-Arc, and is a regular contributor to IaaC. [...]

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Smart Citizen wins the Innovative Initiative Prize @ Smart City Expo World Congress!!!!

A huge congratulations to the Smart Citizen Project, winner of the 2013 Word Smart Cities Awards for the Most Innovative Initiative at the Smart City Expo World Congress!!!!!  

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