IaaC 2013 Graduation Ceremony and Party were held at the Valldaura Labs,  located in the Collserola Natural Park, in the heart of the metropolitan area of Barcelona.

The ceremony kicked off at 7pm with a speech by Willy Muller on behalf of Tony Vives, from the Ayuntamiento de Barcelona, followed by discourses on behalf of Manuel Gausa, IaaC Dean, Areti Markopoulou, MAA Director, and Xavier Gonzalez, MAI Director (together with Carlos Gomez).

The now IaaC Alumni from MAA01, MAA02, and MAI then walked down the red carpet to receive their Diplomas and shake the hands of all the before mentioned Directors, as well as the Academic Coordinator Silvia Brandi, and the Research Studio Tutors Willy Muller, Maite Bravo, Enric Ruiz Geli, Mireia Luzárraga, Claudia Pasquero, and Marco Poletto.

Aldo Sollazzo and Gabriela Gonzales Faria, the student representatives, were the invited to give a brief speech, sharing very nice words with us.

It was then the moment for this years awards, provided thanks to FabLab Barcelona. And the winners were…

EXPERIMENTAL ROBOTIC CRAFT AWARD /// to the project proposing new methods of fiber aggregation by robotic fabrication for the construction of ephemeral and growing natural structures based on varying local environmental and material forces:
Stigmergy: Jean Akanish (Lebanon), Ali Yerdel (Turkey), Jin Shihui (China) and Alexander Dolan (USA).

INNOVATIVE ENERGY AWARD /// to the project proposing new, adaptable and reactive infrastructure for filtering pollution particles in the city and enhancing air quality:
The Jungle: Moritz Begle (Austria), Dori Sadan (Israel), Stuart Maggs (UK) and Urte Naujetkaite (Lithuania).

BARCELONA INNOVATION AWARD: to the Project that through innovative ideas and ICT applications re-activates the public space of 22@ promoting social interaction, spatial and urban dynamics that adapt to the citizens and city future requirements.
Smart Street Hotel: Alejandra Díaz de León Lastras (México), Drew Carson (USA), Priyanka Narula (India) and Dulce Adriana Luna Hernández (Nicaragua).

MEGA STRUCTURES VISIONARY AWARD /// to the Project that envisions a city emerging from infrastructure, mobility and architecture promoting new ideas of urban inhabitation:
Contr-active: Jordi Vivaldi Piera (Catalunya) and Meropi-Eleni Skordalou (Hellas).

ADVANCED INTERACTION AWARD /// to the MAI Project that better combine Nature with new Technologies:
Electric Anthologies: Martin Lukac.

ENERGY INFRASTRUCTURE AWARD /// to the project proposing innovative energy infrastructure systems for cooling and heating applications on buildings and urban spaces:
Knots: Gokulrajkailash Jayanthimala Thangarajan (India).

Congratulations to ALL 2013 IAAC ALUMNI!!!

The Festivities then continued well into the night with the Graduation Party!!!

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