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IaaC 2013 Graduation Ceremony and Party were held at the Valldaura Labs,  located in the Collserola Natural Park, in the heart of the metropolitan area of Barcelona.

The ceremony kicked off at 7pm with a speech by Willy Muller on behalf of Tony Vives, from the Ayuntamiento de Barcelona, followed by discourses on behalf of Manuel Gausa, IaaC Dean, Areti Markopoulou, MAA Director, and Xavier Gonzalez, MAI Director (together with Carlos Gomez).

The now IaaC Alumni from MAA01, MAA02, and MAI then walked down the red carpet to receive their Diplomas and shake the hands of all the before mentioned Directors, as well as the Academic Coordinator Silvia Brandi, and the Research Studio Tutors Willy Muller, Maite Bravo, Enric Ruiz Geli, Mireia Luzárraga, Claudia Pasquero, and Marco Poletto.

Aldo Sollazzo and Gabriela Gonzales Faria, the student representatives, were the invited to give a brief speech, sharing very nice words with us.

It was then the moment for this years awards, provided thanks to FabLab Barcelona. And the winners were…

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Graduation Party 2013

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MAI Final Projects Presentation and Jury Board


Xavi González
Carlos Gómez

Jury Board:

Manuel Gausa (IAAC Dean)
Elisabeth Plantada (BAU)
Eduard Martín (IMI)
Raffaela Fagnoni (Universitá degli Studi di Genova)
Roberta Bosco (El PAIS)
Ethel Baraona (DPR – Barcelona)
Behnaz Farahi (USC School of Architecture)


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Master in Advanced Interaction at Sonar

The IAAC’s Master in Advanced Interaction has been showing the student’s works at Sonar+D in the Market Lab, an exhibitor specifically created for news in art projects related to creativity, innovation, education and new business models


IAAC’s MAI at SONAR 2013 from Gerda Antanaityte on Vimeo.

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IAAC 2 days Workshop in Intensive Networking Games Strategies Playground Positions

That’s thirty minutes away, I’ll be there in ten

Pulp fiction

The concept of the workshop was to develop 6 fields of play directed by 6 teams so as to produce a reflection around and on the new lines of thought in contemporary architecture and the contemporary position of the architect in this socio-cultural scenario. A mix between reflection and playing games, thought and action. A hybrid that mixes critics and actions. Finally, a critical action.

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Today Alejandro Tamayo took us through his journey of technology between magic and everyday life, presenting us 4 of his more technology orientated projects.
His first approach to technology was through a camera, using the camera to see something that can’t be seen with the naked eye, and using this both as a protection and as a projection tool. For example, the possibility of seeing things from different points of view simultaneously.
This pushed him to move outside of the objects studied, and more in to space, using technology as a poetic telescope to see beyond.

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MAI Dialogues: Pablo Valbuena & Jaime Serra

This Monday, March 18th, MAI Dialogues presents Pablo Valbuena & Jaime Serra talks. 19.00hs, IaaC Auditorium.

Pablo Valbuena has become internationally recognized for his augmented architectures, dynamic forms where light and phisical structures combine to create a new hybrid language for form and space. Trained as an architect and having worked previously in videogames, his art projects in galleries and public space interventions preludes the explosion of “projection mapping” as a technique and has been extensively exhibited worldwide.

Jaime Serra is one of the most important names in the field of infographics today. Currently head of graphics at La Vanguardia, his body of work goes beyond the conventions of graphics for journalism and enters into the territory of information visualization and even visual poetry. His work is currently being exhibited at Ars Santa Mónica.

The conference will be streaming LIVE from IaaC’s youtube channel.

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