Taller con Ronen Kadushin: Tu Diseño – Tu Camino


An amazing workshop was held this weekend at IAAC with the designer Ronen Kadushin about Open Design:

“As makers convincingly push on to become a cultural movement, they create a new breed of products that is free from traditional product design discipline, and the need to be perfect. These products are an authentic expression of the person or collaboration that created them, and with the practice of openness, successful products are quickly copied and modified. But to reach bigger audiences and have an impact on the way products come into the world, a maker has to consider the aesthetic qualities of hers or his creation, and the manner and content that is communicated through it. This workshop aimed to elaborate authentic expression by introducing a design process based on storytelling. A guided storytelling design process sets a creative environment for generating ideas and concepts, understanding their potential, and developing them into objects that reflect your character and unique way of expression. The workshop was a learning experience where the participants, their qualities, skills, creativity and energy were the focus.”
Ronen Kadushin – Open Design

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