Digital Matter | Intelligent Constructions // Research Trip // NY & Boston

Digital Matter | Intelligent Constructions Research Studio travelled to the States last week for their Studio Research Trip. The students and faculty arrived in New York where they had the opportunity to visit the city. They then travelled to Boston where they visited and had crits at the Harvard GSD with Bradley Cantrell, also visiting the Harvard Microbiotics Lab.

In Boston they also visited the MIT, with a presentation at the MIT Senseable City Lab, led by Carlo Ratti, with Erin Baumgartner, as well as at the MIT Jerome Lemelson Center and its Labs. They also had a sit down and presentation with Skylar Tibbits in the MIT Self Assembly Lab, and saw the oldest 3D Printer in the USA.

They then returned to New York where they visited the Brooklyn Navy Yard, in particular Terreform ONE with Mitchell Joachim, and Gen Space. They closed the trip with a tour through Brooklyn and New York City.

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