Saturday 23rd of May // Beyond Building Barcelona – Pavilion of Innovation 2015 // Symposium


Beyond | The Next Boundaries of Construction

Pavilion of Innovation 2015 – Symposium

Saturday the 23rd of May 2015

Curated by IAAC|FabLabBarcelona


@ 9.00-15.00, Fira de Barcelona

For more information, please contact


The Pavilion of Innovation 2015 in Beyond Building Barcelona, curated by IAAC | Fab Lab Barcelona, presents new ideas and construction paradigms emerging from international excellence in research and pilot projects, forming the basis of future buildings and cities. Novel and reactive materials, advanced digital/robotic manufacturing techniques and responsive environments are the key topics presented, towards shaping the future of the building industry.

The Pavilion of Innovation 2015 will host a Symposium, where pioneer architects and designers will be discussing the future technologies and innovation in construction.



Philippe Block

Founder, BLOCK Research Group, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland


Mark Burry

Director, Design Research Institute at RMIT University, Sydney, Australia


Hernan Diaz Alonso

Director, xefirotarch, Los Angeles, United States


Eva Gladek

Founder, Metabolic, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Anupama Kundoo

Founder, Anupama Kundoo Architects, Madrid, Spain


Alastair Parvin

Designer, WikiHouse, London, UK


Claudia Pasquero

Co-founder, ecoLogicStudio, London, UK


Enric Ruiz Geli

Founder, Cloud 9, Barcelona, Spain


Fabian Scheurer

Founder, Design to Production, Stuttgart, Germany


Skylar Tibbits

Director, Self-Assembly Lab, MIT, Boston, United States

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