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GSS2014 // Final Presentations // Barcelona

Check out the Final Presentations of the Global Summer school 2014 “The Next City” in Barcelona. The presentations were done with video mapping, and prototypes of the proposals were also displayed in function for the jury and public present.

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The Practise Fabrication // Lightweight Structures 1:1 Seminar, led by Silvia Brandi and Rodrigo Rubio, with the collaboration of Pepe Ballesteros (Prototipolab) and Maria Kupstova, is focused on the digital fabrication of lightweight 1:1 scale spatial installations, based on the expertise of Experimental Structures, and the further development of some concepts proposed in Public Space [...]

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Digital Materia Estudio – Taller en el desarrollo CITA Copenhague

The Digital Matter Studio Students and Tutors continue their experience in Copenhagen: The Students are continuing to develop their research and prototypes in the workshop studying the ways of creating tensioned membranes with disconnected bending active elements, stabilising non-elastic membranes locally (for example with the configuration of three linear elements placed in a reciprocal configuration). Within [...]

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La experiencia HTC Barcelona Design visita IaaC

Today IaaC had the pleasure of hosting a group of journalists as part of HTC’s Barcelona Design Experience. The group, including journalists from the UK, Germany, Russia and Spain, toured IaaC together with MAA Director Areti Markopoulou and Alexandre Dubor (Research and Development). The main interest of the tour regarded additive manufacturing. The journalists were [...]

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