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EMERGENCE. Steven Johnson


\\ Non Lienar  growth with algorithms \\



The idea of the text is a metaphor between the behavior of ant colonies, animal cells, humans and cities. On the whole, the people as the ants, think locally and act locally, but their collective action produces global behavior. The scale of knowledge is reduced in the individuals, but the city has his own intelligence driven by thousands of people who act in different fields producing changes in them. Neighborhoods are themselves polycentric structures, born of thousands of local interactions, shapes forming within the city larger shape.

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Tarzan in the Media Forest.


Shadow Pavilion (Karl Daubmann)


1) Architects should Learn from tree structures organization, and nature.

2) We should remove all the impurities form our buildings.

3) It’s difficult to combine “good architecture” and economical factors.

4) Architecture should be done for people, not only for architects.

QUESTION: What kind of elements should architects take into account, to create good architecture with “economical solutions” which could be interesting for  builders, politics, and users at the same time?


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