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[I] is not fixed or subject position . I is the idea of rhizome to understand I is to first
comprehend what rhizome is response to. I sprouts from single seed, producing trunk and
branching out growing in innumerable various permutations and combinations and yet can be
traced from a single origin. I is the reference represents and reflects the world like
absorbent even linguistic as all grows from single origin source. I represent multiplicity
and elimination of linearity of language, one binary over the other. I is revolving and
transforming. I is the internet ultimate symbol of rhizome.


Rhizome has no center it continuous to grow without beginning or the end. The main principles
of rhizome are connections, heterogeneity, multiplicity,asignifying rupture, cartography
and decalcomania. Internet language is like rhizome ceaselessly establishes connections
between art, science, social struggles even these language has multiplicities.
multiplicities is neither subject nor object [just relations] and the power of rhizome is
to continuously adapt to other multiplicities. Rhizome has the parallel evolution with the
world. Rhizome is composed of plateaus. Plateaus may be read in any order, emphasizing the
rhizomatic nature of knowledge present infinite number of possibilities.


Relations to rhizome has number of possibilities. The one possibilities to explore is to relate
with the architecture.I think architecture acts as a rhizome . Its like a straight line with
infinite number of points connecting the past present and the future. As it is said
architecture is the mother of all arts it also reflects on other factors like economical,
political, linguistic, etc. My research topic is defining these innumerable possibilities and
redefining the architecture for good living.



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@mosphere in Architecture



Atmosphere to me a personal phenomenon.its a personal definition, a perspective,an affection ,
a feel ,a interpretation of a transition may be because of the space , an activity ,
a strong connection between static element ie the space and kinetic element ie the
people. Atmosphere defines the space between building and its context or rather defines the space.
their is always an interrelation of the two forming a strong connection. Its also an intangible effect
such as sound , light ,smell, object , the activity that apprehend.


As a personal reference were i relate atmosphere can be in a strong urban fabric of Mumbai. Mumbai is a
dynamic city with multi layered information. it has a alchemy of time over space. As we walk around the fort
part of Mumbai were it has been decorated with the British architecture we follow an urban text composed of
the traces left by historical, literary and cinematic walkers. This sensuous act of walking in the city
allows us to apprehend the different tactile, aural, olfactory and visual traces that reveals the city’s hidden
histories and geographies. Each excursion will draw on the city’s rich resources of images, text, and films
to plot an emotive cartography of different urban environments. A walk from the church gate station to the
Crawford market creates a sort of assertion. But this assertion changes as one arrives at the Crawford market
were their is sudden change in ambiance one loses a grip of a controlled atmosphere. Were architecture no longer
the edifice but the activity forms a evident language. Were the people and the activity forms a part of
reference this sort of transition forms a psychic atmosphere. The public domain forms a integral part of the
fabric. The architecture no longer defines the space the space but the activity do.


My research would be relating to these transitional space ,it may be with in the building or may be the change of ambiance within the space of a few meters.

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