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Scripting the Future by Neil Leach and Phillip F.Yuan – Critical essay by Hristo Kovachev

From panel to parametric. The leap between generations.It seems to be just the beginning.JPEG ;

“Like the experimental theories that opened up so many potential lines of research from the Macy Conference, which are so pervasive and embedded in our society today, the premise raised here is to connect the aspect of the computational processes of design, in our case, scripting, to the processes of inhabitation, or experience. When experience and method becomes fused into a co-evolving process, what evolves is an architectural machinic relationship embedded in the broader discourse of the discipline. We are encroaching on a social shift that is changing due to rapid development in processual operations. We constantly mediate between the real world and the digital world, through the virtualizations of infrastructure.”"  - page 165/Chapter : Scripting Intelligent Infrastructures and Building Societies.

I have not seen one single example of connection between the processes of scripting and inhabitation anywhere in the book. My believe is that if an author speaks about some major effort to the public ( because quite frankly this is the meager effort here – to overlap the huge gap between 3D and reality) he should give an example of this effort or at least propose a probable solution. Or in the very least talk about a probable solution, witch is not the case.  I did spot a similar problem with the next sentence. The Author just makes a statement  without providing any evidence about this encroaching on a social shift. Its true that society is constantly changing, now more rapidly than ever, because of the rapidly changing technology. Technology that allows us to change our surroundings in every aspect in ways bot known and unknown, imaginable and unimaginable. But if we are speaking about a specific shift in society, than I expect some examples. Read More »

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Chaotic thoughts and objective imagination – Nicholas Negroponte, Toward a Theory of Architecture Machines, 1969

A common point between all the texts that was not discussed on our weekly debate was the fact that all of the Authors (by Authors i do not necessary refer to the text Authors, but in some cases to the people on whose work those texts are based on) where innovators of their filed of recherche. Sure all of them started their work based on the knowledge gathered from previous individuals, but their work in the end of the day did change the perspective of the following generations. Read More »

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