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Nicholas Negroponte – Toward a theory of architecture machines



In this text Negroponte talks to us about the idea of making an architectural machines, not only machines that can solve specific problems with step by step instructions where the result is unquestionably attributed to the designers creativity, but a machine that is cable of learning how to learn. This machine should be able to learn about architecture and have a dialogue between itself, man and other machines in order to produce an evolutionary system.

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Philippe Rahm – Form and function follow climate

thermal zones environments

Philippe Rahm stars the text by compering sustainable development policies with the transformation of design by digital technologies, he mentions that the difference between the two is their visual impact, this is because sustainable development may not affect the physical structure or appearance of a building because it affects things that we don’t see like space and energy. He also mentions the big roll the building industry plays harming the environment with greenhouse gases during their process of climate control in building interiors. Read More »

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