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Parametricism: A new global style for architecture and Urban design

Patrik Schumacher defines parametricism as a style for architecture. Style, a word he uses to define it as a movement as opposed to a fashion in this context. It consists of the use of digital tools (rhino, maya, scripting, processing…) and the emergence of a new perspective that governs them. The latter promotes accentuated differentiation of elements – responding to a post-fordist society – planned complexity and organicity. Parametricism attempts to understand relational quality that exists in nature taking into account social interactions, adaptability to new information and reciprocity of different systems and subsystems. It defines a new thought wave that understands space mainly through topological deformation.   Read More »

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Through the cave

Sou Fujimoto

What’s a cave?

In Primitive future, Sou Fujimoto presents criterions for the ideal architecture of the 21st century. His reflexion on innovation in designing space is based on the comparison between the cave and the nest, the cave being the optimum form of architecture. He suggests looking into the concept of a cave, a primal space that precedes the concept of inhabiting. Read More »

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