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Critical Essay: “Digital Cities”- Neil Leach

Econnected City, urban design for Damasco, Ergin Birinci & Rocky Merchant


The 21st century has brought a different style of architecture. This is Parametricism, defined by avant-garde structures and the use of new tools and techniques to produce seamless fluidity in buildings. Not only do these tools aid to draft the models, but they also generate designs. Parametric design proposes an ordered complexity and at the same time the articulation of systems that compose a structure, such as facades, structure, circulation, etc. Read More »

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Rhizome- Deleuze | Guattari

Sandra Reeves

Sandra Reeves

Rhizome is a philosophical term used to describe the relations and connectivity of things. The authors Deleuze and Guattari, have assigned this term “rhizome” referring to a relation like that of roots. They spread underground with no direction, no beginning, and no end. They are dispersed. It is opposed to the idea of a tree which has a starting point, and from there branches out in a predictable path.  Read More »

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The Architecture of Atmosphere

Different atmospheres can be perceived in one same space.


Atmosphere is the space in which we inhabit. It is summarized to the intangible effects we perceive in a place. There is no architecture without an atmosphere. It goes beyond the constructed space. Atmosphere surrounds the space between the building and its surroundings. Read More »

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