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Unlearning & Learning


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Machine, the most creative device in the beginning 20-century. It is supposed being asked to do anything, which the mission ordered, by human, or rather saying that it just is able to do, not thinks firstly and do afterwards.

However, if we take the consideration between the human being with computer and labor with machine, we found out that it is the same state. On the other hand, for instance, architecture students or architects use the software to replace the conventional way for the time-consuming work. However, in the unconscious way, we are going to lose our own mind as well as being controlled by the pre-set comment of the software. What is more, we start to design the building, which the software is able to, not we are asking what we can do. If we look back to the previous architects, they always thought the design for the future (for the furthermore machine have not invented).  We shall not put ourselves into the limited box, sometimes forget about the computer, software or technology, it might have more interesting things are going to be happened.


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For these generations, there are more and more machines which we can use in the 3-dimension way, just like the normal printer, sending file and printing it. It does helps a lot, we don’t need to spend lots of times on making several models to be tested to make sure whether it is working properly or not. Furthermore, we even can see the visible renders in the monitors as well as simulating the natural ways in the new materials which we are going to invent and used in the building façade. Probably, some people might argue that it could not to image or imitate the ecosystem with software, but it cant not to be ignored that the climate has been changing dramatically. We are not able to predict some situation with conventional way.

Last but not least, the ability of machine can do the things which human being is not able to achieve in terms of power, persistence and accuracy. Just in case you can use it in the proper way, not to be used or controlled because of the limitation of machine. Quote from the book, “ unlearning is as important a learning”,  on the other hand, it should be considered in the human thought way .



by Toward a Theory of Architecture Machines, Nicholas Negroponte, 2010



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Building exists for people or environment


    Marco Casagrande, 3- 2012, sandworm

In the beginning, as far as I concerned, the building used to be the shelter or the 3-dimension space in which offered human beings to live and stay for while. Therefore, the shape of house was supposed to be fitted to the behaviors of human, not only for useless façade or the values of appearance. That is what the Louis Sullivan’s mentioned, “ form follows function “ in late 19th century. Read More »

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