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Image of thought


How we can understand the structure of all the knowledge? How a thinking can be understood? Its not a temporal and linear structure, even try to understand this is a dangerous challenge.

Trying to push us to start to think about that, Delouze materialize this comparing with Rhizomes, what he defines like “the image of thought”

The notion of rhizome was adopted the structure of some plants whose buds can branch out at any point. The structure of knowledge is not derived by logical means , a set of first principles , but draws up simultaneously from all points under the influence of different observations and conceptualizations, is multiple and non-hierarchical.

Delouze propose what can be divided into two types of systems : a centered and focused like the root systems and can be classified as centered , focusing on hierarchical branching structures , in which each individual recognizes only his superior neighbor. The condition is established in repeat centered system when the ramifications of its branches and roots also repeated on the leaves , are necessarily continuous systems . He point out that even when it is believed to reach a multiplicity , it may happen that this multiplicity is false. In contrast,  is a centered, and a focused, like a rhizome, a network of finite automata . The condition of this type of system is the complexity in which there is not a decal , a copy of a central order, but multiple connections that are established at all times , a constant flow of deterritorialization and reterritorialization .

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What defines one atmosphere? Its a difficult question that us, as architects, need to try to answer. In the dictionary definition, atmosphere is a layer of gases surrounding a material body, in this case atmosphere is much more than that.

First of all is necessary the understanding of several inter-relationships that helps to create it. The main character of this, is the user, the principal affected, who notice and is influenced for this atmosphere. We can include in this net of relationships, the architecture produced by the man, the nature and another users. In this infinite net we can look since the small scale of relation, until the city scale, if is possible define borders for all the different atmospheres, this borders are blurred and almost imperceptible. Naturally, architecture create spaces and physical separations of spaces, but we can see them like devices to create different atmospheres.

Every single detail is important in the construction of one atmosphere, and all these relations between physical things and intangible effects will define it.

This should be the first objective for an architect. More than just buildings, what we construct is an atmosphere, and many aren`t even conscious of this. A good architecture creates a good atmosphere, but it can`t be direct perceived.
This has never been an easy task, but nowadays, even if is impossible to have an absolute control with this new architecture, we have different tools and new possibilities to try to control and predict many aspects that can be essential in the construction of an atmosphere.

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