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D’Arcy Thompson “Growth of form”. Theory of transformations or comparison of related forms.


Geometric transformations by Camile Güell

In the beginning of  the last century D’Arcy Thompson arose question what is quite related to nowadays. In his book “Growth of Form” he devote a huge part to method of explanation of transformations biological shapes and forms using mathematical methods and physics. In his “Theory of transformations or comparison of related forms” he gave mathematical descriptions on how physical processes affect biological growth. D’Arcy Thompson considered how mathematical functions could be applied to pictures of one living organism to transform them into others. Read More »

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Bernard Rudofsky «Conditioned outdoor room»

Reclaimed Barn Wood Francis D’Haene

Francis D’Haene

In these text Bernard Rudofsky offer us to think about connection between buildings and nature. He contemplate about garden as a living space, about relations between interior and outdoor.

In the beginning the author say how is important climate for us. Our life and activity depends on it. People always choose place for living according preferences to climate or…climate form our preferences? Maybe relations between people and nature also depends on it? The hostile environment and climate never encouraged an intimate relationship between man and nature. Read More »

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