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The sky is the limit.


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There is an undeniable link between mankind and nature, but if we were to graph that using time and connection as parameters, it will show as a descending line.

Contemporary life is defined by cities, concrete forests where even the green areas have been designed and feel artificial. This drives individuals away from their own essence to an artificial realm. In ‘The Conditioned Outdoor Room’, Bernard Rudofsky argues that the link between environment and mankind can be mended. He supports his theory by reminding us of our anscestors and the way they used to integrate a garden in the house, not as a separate space, but as a ‘room with sky as a ceiling’. He states that while the relation between us and nature deteriorates we lose parts of what make us human without realizing it. Read More »

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Unlock the Geometry


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D’Arcy Wenthworth Thompson, On Growth And Form, 1917

Unlike the majority of biologists and naturalists of his time, that were only enthusiastic about the attributes of precedents of that particular form,  D’Arcy Thompson was working on the numerical explanations trying to define the forms of living things and physical phenomena in the light of mathematics.

On Growth and Form, notable mathematician and biologist demonstrates that the growth and form of any species of animal or plant can be interpreted through relatively simple mathematical equations. He suggests that biological growth and form has to  follow physical laws, and that one can see the materialization of these universal laws by analyzing common features in the form of different organisms. His “theory of transformation”  argues that a species evolves into another one not through a series of minor alterations in diverse body parts but through a large-scale transformation of the entire form.

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