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Patrick Schumacher – Parametricism: A New Global Style for Architecture and Design-2008

In his text, “ Parametricism: A new global style for architecture and urban design”, Patrick Shumacher tries to convince the reader that parametricism is a style, and for this he uses multiple arguments.

First, he explains parametricism in a context of a research programme, which automatically justifies  and legitimizes the unanswered issues and the unclear processes. Indeed presenting all the parametric manifestations as “experiences” protects all the parametric projects from eventual critics, whether at an intellectual or practical level, and sets a safe ground for his following argumentation.

In his argumentation, he describes parametricism  as more than a set of tools, he argues that the nature of the digital

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t6 Sou Fujimoto Futuro Primitivo

The article I had to read is written by Sou Fujimoto.

If we have to summarize it, all is in the title: primitive future. In fact, In his article the author refers to the cave, a primitive habitation as spatial study, but gives it a far more contemporary interpretation.

The author starts with a comparison between the nest and a cave, he opposes the intentional design  of the nest as a functional habitat to the unintentional morphology of the cave that gives flexibility of appropriation to its space. Read More »

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