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Emergence “The connected lives of ants, brains, cities and software”

Emergence (Steve Johnson)

The connected lives of ants, brains, cities and software

Ants and city

As Steve Johnson says, it’s amazing how ants have been on the planet since the beginning of time due of their complex organization, hence the reason you need to understand their organization and complexity of their systems, Steve Johnson compares metaphorically community ant, with the DNA , cells and cities.

Hence the main theme, what is emergency? , What is a complex system? and how they work from a micro scale like cells , ants to a macro scale like cities . Read More »

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Toyo Ito “Tarzan in the media forest”

(Tarzan in the media forest by Toyo Ito) 

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The fall of a big structure the “Aoyoma” Hospital by the investors in Japan near of the building which Toyo Ito worked, produced a strong revolution in his mine 40 years ago. He starts to see how the architecture along the time turns in a developers race, the  idea was to build big and high structures without concern of the surroundings, unfortunately in Tokyo like in the most cities of the world the economy market decide about those big projects, big towers of condominiums in the middle of a group of houses. Read More »

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