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Parametricism – A New Global Style for Architecture and Urban Design

 Patrik Schumacher, 2008

politics_of_parametricism_02image: Politics of Parametricism, conference by Matthew Poole and Manuel Shvartzberg

Patrik Schumacher’s Parametricism – A New Global Style for Architecture and Urban Design is a clear statement of how he visualizes the architecture world today. To him, social complexity defines the relation between architecture and urbanism through parametricism; it is beyond style, it is a continuous research line… Read More »

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Sou Fujimoto ‘Primitive Future’-Analysis


The article I was assigned for was Sou Fujimoto’s “Primitive Future”.

The author divided his logic of achieving an ideal architecture over 20 titles, yet it is clear that his strategies are basically three.
The title hints the theme to be discussed, a ‘primitive’ habitation as a spatial study, giving it a ‘futuristic’ interpretation. For Sou Fujimoto, the main challenge for an architect is to design intentionally a space that has a spontaneous purpose. He considers a living space experimental and that people mold it according to their habits and purpose behind its use. To him, ‘ideal’ design is achieved when following the below strategies: gradation, relations, experimental/accidental.

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