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Fabricating The Future

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“Fabricating the Future” by Neil Leach and Phillip F. Yuan.
Critical essay by Hristo Kovachev explains the development of the parametricism trend, digital fabrication style, use of materials, approach of design, tectonic methodology and logics. Those themes are presented as an evolution of new fabrication techniques that are using a complex, multi-dimensional materials in architectural practice and indicate they emergence throughout the conventional concept of craftsmanship and use of traditional materials. Read More »

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Differentiation and complexity of our society brings a constant demand for development of new techniques and tools, which will enable for visualization of harmonious interaction between the physical form and it’s inhabitants. Parametricism is a new way of perception, developed as a style that consists of shared data of correlations between regional elements and their values. Read More »

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Sou Fujimoto’s Primitive Future

Sou Fujimoto imposes on a reader to rethink the moment when architecture began; to stop precisely at the moment where it became an ‘architecture’; when it emerged among equally vague traces of human existence. This is where Fujimoto discovers qualities and relations of architecture’s genes that restore the conditions of human life to the overwhelming state of conception. Read More »

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