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Unlearning & Learning

                                        quote:  http://matsysdesign.com/,  25th of  Nov. 2013     Machine, the most creative device in the beginning 20-century. It is supposed being asked to do anything, which the mission ordered, by human, or rather saying that [...]

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SimDesign 4000

(Emergence, Steven Johnson, 2002) What is emergence? …And what do human cells, ants, computers, and city sidewalks all have in common? For Steven Johnson, the answer is simple, “local information leads to global wisdom.” Johnson describes the growth of the aforementioned subjects as being emergent systems: complex organisms that, regardless of their scale, harness the [...]

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Development of the Cybernetic Era: Technologic Humanism

How do you build a Learning Machine? In 1968, the idea of computer aided participatory design was a  foreign concept for architects. The typical architectural office was comprised of people sitting and standing composing construction and design documents in front of large desks from morning till night. An Architectural theorists, Nicholas Negroponte, at this time was theorizing about [...]

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