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Triagon- Digital Fabrication Laser Cutter

Triagon is a combination of triangles and a penthagons coexisting in the same structure. The goal of this first Digital Fabrication project was to build a tower out of 4 board of 3mm plywood while exploring the properties of the material and to acquaint ourselves with laser cutting. The Triagon stands 2.7m tall. The structure [...]

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The concept of the tower was to experiment with the flexibility of the wood and its thresholds of bending as the main tension force. The whole structure is assembled of equal triangular bending modules. The modules are using the orientation of the wood’s fibers to enable small radii. The bending’s direction is perpendicular to the [...]

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Light is more

First Digital Fabrication Exercise is concluded. The school’s courtyard is now hosting the final towers made by laser cutting. Our final result is a free-standing structure that looks back at the building rationality and simplicity to reach the top. The structure has been first thought as an assembly of X shaped pieces. These pieces has been then [...]

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